1. Altrincham   - Timperly House   OFSTED registration  SC439116

Our home in Altrincham is a large 4 bedroom semi-detached property that has been renovated to provide a warm and welcoming home for our young people. Located in close proximity to Trafford College.

The home has a large garden, spacious rooms, it offers accommodation for two young person aged 11 to 17.

Current rating: OFSTED  : Good with outstanding elements 

the rating has been "Good"  since 2012 ongoing a great achievement !

2. Endon Stoke on Trent -  Arnside House  OFSTED registration SC472325

Our home in Stoke on Trent is a large detached property that has been renovated to provide a homely feel for our young people.  Located in a semi rural quiet village but in close proximity to two schools. It is spacious and has a large garden at the rear, dining room, lounge and large kitchen.

The home can accommodate two young people aged 11 to 17.

Current rating: OFSTED   - GOOD 

Rating has been "Good"  ongoing from the beginning of   2014



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